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Obedience Training









Get the dog to trust you, as all future training depends on it.
Before commencing training your dog, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of how to teach it correctly.
Always be firm but fair.
Never chastise or scold unnecessarily. Deliberate disobedience must be dealt with instantly, but only verbally.
Remember a dog can not ask questions so be clear in both your commands and actions.
Success of the handler is dependant upon being able to effectively issue commands to the dog. Be precise and the dog will learn to associate the desired action with the appropriate command until it becomes second nature to it.
Be sure that you know exactly what you want the dog to do, and how it should be done. Have a clear mental picture of each stage.
Try not to make a mistake yourself, as this will confuse the dog.
The dog will inevitably make a mistake, you should never let it pass. A mistake left uncorrected may mean hours of hard work for you and cause harm to the dog and could possibly never be rectified.
Reward everything that is done well, but with affection not food.
Always finish a training period on a good note. Never end the session if the dog has just done something wrong.
As far as possible always have your dog with you. You cannot train him all the time, but he will become accustomed to your words and actions, which will help make his training easier and more enjoyable.
Your pet requires you for leadership. Remember that a dog learns not by fear of, but by habit and association and desire to please you.

Veterinary Care

You will need to register your puppy with a veterinary practice. Yearly inoculations are paramount. Your vet will check your puppies health and general condition and advice you on all the puppies and growing dogs requirements through to your pets old age. Be sure of your pets needs and wants!

The correct dog for you, whether pedigree or mongrel, think first!

Remember, choosing a puppy that may well live as part of your family, up to 16 years, needs to be chosen carefully. Make certain that you meet the puppies with their mother and possible the father too. It will give you an added insight into the character to be expected. Do not purchase a puppy taken from it's siblings under eight weeks of age.

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