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Some Professional Quotes Over the Years

"Gordon Salmon caters for animals that many members of the public cross the street to avoid"
Bury Time 1986

"His (Gordon Salmon) is the easy authority of one not only used to training dogs but also their owners"
Manchester Evening News 1987

"Gordon Salmon's clients come through personal recommendation, Lisa Stansfield (international singer) employs Gordon to make sure her dogs are well behaved and cared for in the best possible way"
Observer Monthly Magazine 1995

"Bury have the big-dog answer" - Contact Gordon Salmon (instructor)
Our Dogs Magazine 1989

Nov 2003
--- Storm ---
A real handful


A Few Quotes From Our Clients


 "Gordon's services have been invaluable to my two Bull Mastifs. They are now obedient and a pleasure for me to take out and enjoy. They are also in good physical health due to Gordon's unique care and attention to their diet and exercise."
Mrs. M. Sommer - Prestwich, Manchester


 "Our frivolous bouvier is now an elegant lady, all due to Gordon's expertise and kindness in his training and management of her."
Mr. & Mrs. Robson - Bury, Manchester

"Our Alsation from hell became our best friend, our two large rotties are superb now too. All thanks to Gordon Salmon's excellent empathy with our dogs, terrific to witness. Without him the dogs would not only lose a very talented tutor but a very special friend, they adore him. Letting Mr Salmon go is not an issue within this family."
Mr & Mrs Wood - Failsworth, Oldham

"Gordon Salmon sorted out all our Bull Mastifs anti-social problems with an expertise I've never witnessed before in my life. Carried out with affection, care and patience. A big thank you from Eddie and your pal Big Samson."
Mr E. Lewis - Halliwell, Bolton

"Our German Shepherd dog, Zeus, was cheeky, Disobedient and sometimes ignorant until Gordon entered his life. Zeus anticipates Gordon's arrival and thoroughly enjoys his training sessions. A very different German Shepard now, positive and true, highly recommended."
Mr & Mrs Burgoyne - Hollins, Bury

"A very polite and professional gentleman. My west highland terrier is now a joy to own and live with. Thank you Gordon!"
Mrs M Royle - Manchester Rd, Bury

"Five star service. Gordon is wonderful, our super German Sheperd knows he is too."
Mr & Mrs Stone - Whitefield, Manchester

"A suprisingly inexpensive one to one service, worth far far more! Would recommend Mr Salmon to everyone who cares about their pets wellbeing."
Mr & Mrs Haig - Salford, Manchester

"Gordon Salmon's canine services are second to none. I would recommend this honest and courteous individual to anyone with a dog whatever the breed or type. His knowledge of the subject is only matched by his ability, in my opinion ten out of ten. I do not imagine that he has any competitors that concern him! Real value everytime, a professional on the doorstep."
Mr K.Hopkinson - Ainsworth, Bolton

 "Gordon has trained my two boxers from puppyhood. They are well behaved and extremely obedient. A pleasure to be part of our family. It has been of great value in having Gordon's expertise to bring dogs up, very comforting to know that Gordon is always available to give helpful advice or practical help with the dogs whatever the time, day or night."
Mrs. Greenfield - Whitefield, Manchester

May 2004
--- Edgar ---
A superb friend

May 2004
--- Tyson ---
A real character
(with his owner Josh)